Stronger together

The pandemic brought our industry, and IRU, together as never before.

“I am so proud of our industry.
We kept people and goods
moving despite the risks,
restrictions and operational
challenges of the pandemic.”

Radu Dinescu,

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the agenda

IRU drives change on the issues that
matter most to companies that run
transport networks for passenger
mobility and supply chain logistics.


“I thank IRU for its continuous efforts to promote sustainable transport globally, including its call for countries to keep their borders open in these trying times.”

António Guterres,
UN Secretary General

Explore more about how IRU, with its members, shapes the mobility and logistics agenda, influences policy and legislation, and drives change within and beyond the industry.

Key moments

Avoiding the collapse of supply chains and mobility networks was one of many IRU priorities during the pandemic. Here’s a selection of some our achievements.



tonnes of CO2 could be saved by 2050 with a wider uptake of Eco-trucks

Standing up
for our industry

IRU advances the interests of commercial
road transport, working closely with
members, as well as governments,
regulators and international organisations.

In 2020, IRU members
approved key positions covering
both goods and passenger
transport to advance on issues
and opportunities around people,
prosperity and environment.

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the future

Advanced research, partners and grassroots
knowledge from millions of transport
operating companies around the world allow
IRU to provide unique business and market
intelligence on the road transport sector.


IRU launched a new
Intelligence Platform for its
members in 2020, providing
round-the-clock updates.

In 2020, IRU researched a wide range
of issues and published reports, not
only on how the pandemic impacted
the road transport industry,
but also about about soaring
driver shortages opportunities and
challenges of safety investments for
transport operators. IRU was also
involved in several research projects
testing autonomous trucks,
hydrogen fuels and a mobility as a
service (MaaS) platform.

Get access to mobility and logistics market trends, data, reports, positions, to anticipate and address regulatory, business and operational opportunities or issues.

Keeping trade

IRU runs the TIR system in more than 60 countries
worldwide, lowering transport costs and making
trade more secure and efficient.

eTIR was recognized by UN agencies as a COVID-19 recovery tool, allowing for moving cargo across borders without requiring physical checks and for reducing contact between people.


time saving using TIR to
transport goods from
Saudi Arabia to the
United Arab Emirates

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Mixing in the
right circles

IRU is a global community of road transport
professionals, helping members access and
network with the right people, companies,
authorities and organisations in more than
120 countries worldwide.


participants attended IRU
virtual webinars in 2020

As a global membership
organisation driving a dynamic
industry, IRU is built on the ability of
its members to come together to
discuss, network, share and decide
on the sector's most pressing
challenges and opportunities.

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Explore more about how IRU helps members meet and network with industry leaders, regulators, potential clients and partners, enhancing recognition and reputation within IRU’s global community.

Driving standards
and performance

IRU’s certification and standards team drives
professional excellence in road transport through
training, certification and capacity building.

IRU Academy certificates
issued in 2020 through its
40 accredited training
institues around the world.

In 2020, IRU developed and
launched its new IRU
RoadMasters training and
assessment platform, now
operational for all IRU
assessment and learning
programmes, including TIR
learning programmes.


Roads, recovery,

Road transport is a positive force for rebuilding
our world better in the years ahead. We are part
of the solution, not the problem.

“Our industry, and our work at
IRU, is at the heart of the
solution to our most pressing
social, economic and
environmental challenges.”

Umberto de Pretto,
Secretary General

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Our members

IRU serves, represents, defends and works with our members every day. Our members are national and regional passenger and goods transport associations and leading multinational companies in mobility and logistics from all corners of the world. They are at the heart of everything we do.









As a supplier, partner or
player in road transport,
mobility or logistics, you
need to be able to shape
the agenda, access
decision makers and get
industry intelligence.

Only IRU members are at
the heart of the global
industry, from the grass
roots to the highest levels
of law and policy making.